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Crepe Shack and Waffles Las Vegas, NV
At Crepe Shack & Waffles we are known for our most unique crepes. Crepes are actually found all over the world and we just happen to be the first Japanese- style crepe shop in Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada.

What the heck is a Japanese style crepe? Well, we combine the freshest fruits, sliced to order, with various toppings and ice cream and we roll it into a cone shape! Its a big food trend in the west coast cities so we wanted to bring this concept to you guys. The best part is, you get to hold it and eat it with your hands... so no plates, forks, or knives allowed!

We also sell delicious waffles, yogurt parfaits, and fruit bowls. Our secret batter gives our crepes and waffles a unique taste and all our fruits are 100% fresh... nothing sitting in artificial sweeteners, glazes, or frozen. We just want to combine fresh ingredients and make it into an awesome product!

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